Empowerment. Balance. Hope.

Empowerment. Balance. Hope.

We strive to provide the best quality care to Columbus, Central Ohio, and beyond. Our practice utilizes effective treatments backed by science, offering a calming and welcoming alternative to medical-based clinics and centers.

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Our team has over a decade of experience in working with eating disorders, PTSD, anxiety, depression and chronic health conditions. Our experts are passionate, empathetic clinicians who understand that extreme, all-or-nothing and judgmental thoughts lead to chaos and conflict in ourselves and with others. This often leads to struggles with eating, activity, sleep, and relationships as we try to cope or respond to extremes in our thoughts and emotions. We are eager to help you find YOUR balanced life by:

  • Creating your best life that is more balanced, satisfying, and fulfilling
  • Finding freedom from the extremes you may be experiencing in your emotional and mental states that lead to imbalance, avoidance, and mindlessness

  • Choosing helpful, effective coping skills rather than the harmful, avoidant and mindless behaviors you have learned

  • Ending the self-blame, criticism, guilt and shame cycles that burden you
  • Connecting to your values and reestablishing life goals and priorities¬†
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