Wendy Finney (she/her)


Assisting those who struggle with body image and eating disorders has been a passion of mine since 1994 when I began volunteering as a support group leader for an online website, and subsequently became a public speaker on eating disorders and trauma, including presenting at The Renfrew Conference. I have had the pleasure in working with various eating disorder organizations and charities over the last 20 years. I received my Bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Phoenix, and have been working in the administrative field within mental health organizations since 2004. I am excited to be a part of the team at Eating and Behavioral Health Associates.

I strive to provide understanding and guidance as our patients navigate the process of starting treatment, understanding insurance benefits, assisting in the scheduling process and making sure that your experience is the best possible in being a patient at Eating and Behavioral Health Associates. I feel thankful to often be the first contact that our patients may have in taking the first step to receive help, and I want you to know that I am dedicated in helping you with these sometimes confusing processes.

Beyond work, my other passions include my husband of almost 30 years, spoiling our ever-growing family of nieces, nephews, great-nieces, and great-nephews (of which we currently have 60), scrapbooking and creating custom made greeting cards, a rediscovered love of gardening, and traveling, and running the non-profit organization I founded with my husband, Body Image Betrayal and Related Issues LLC, where I also facillitate a twice-monthly support group for those strugging with an eating disorder.

I take the trust you put into us for your treatment very seriously, and I look forward to working with you!

Kelsey Knoll (she/her)


Since a young age, I have been fascinated with how people work, why we do the things that we do and most importantly why we think the things that we do. I, like many others, have a passion to aid individuals to reach their maximum potential, whether it be through counseling, volunteering, or even listening.

Due to this passion, I completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology at Iowa State University. Throughout my time in Iowa, I explored various subset fields within Social Work and Psychology, including Behavioral Health, Intellectual Abilities, Addiction and Underprivileged Youth, which all led me to a greater understanding of mental health and life challenges and how to best help others. These experiences prepared me for my transition to Ohio in seeking out a position where my knowledge and passion within the field could be utilized. I am delighted to be a team member at Eating and Behavioral Health Associates in which I can learn from and work with an experienced staff, and can also continue to help others through a mental health environment.

A fun fact about me: I have now lived in seven states (Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, and Ohio!) My hobbies and area of interests are writing and fashion, as I have a great appreciation for both arts. Despite spending most of my childhood growing up in the Chicago West Suburbs, I am an avid Green Bay Packers fan!

I am looking forward to speaking with potential new clients, providing an empathetic and supportive experience, building relationships and awareness in the community, and most importantly connect people with the help and resources that they need.

Eli Lee (they/them)


Throughout my life, I have had the opportunity to explore countless passions. My background is eclectic and exciting, full of experiences that gave me a sense of purpose and meaning. I studied acting, music, dance, writing, nutrition, massage therapy, teaching, spirituality, religion, and psychology and found distinct aspects of fulfillment in each one. Through them all, I have discovered a common thread¬—that behind each of my passions is the overwhelming desire to connect to others. I love human beings and am overwhelmed with my desire to help others to create a life that they love to live. It is this hope that brought me to EBHA, home of an outstanding team of people who share my passion and have the tools to help people who are battling eating disorders find hope and meaning again.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with the clinicians and staff at EBHA as I continue to learn and grow. I have faith that our work makes a difference, and it is that belief that makes all the work we do worth it. I strive to treat every client as an individual with preferences and dignity and recognize that their personal experience is worth kindness and understanding.

Outside of work, I love to continue exploring all the world has to offer. I love to garden and take care of my pets. I am absolutely obsessed with my family and do all I can to spend time with them and nurture those relationships. I partake liberally in art and all things beautiful. I love to laugh and often end up proverbially chasing my tail in an attempt to get everyone else to laugh and have fun with me.

I look forward to being of service and hope that I can add some sunshine to your journey!

Jennifer Golden (she/her)


I am very excited to be joining the team of dedicated professionals at Eating and Behavioral Health Associates. Their knowledge and passion for helping people is an inspiration.

Prior to joining Eating and Behavioral Health Associates in 2021, I worked in partnership with my father at our family-owned medical billing practice.  Although our business was originally founded in our home state of Massachusetts, we relocated to Ohio in 2015.  During our 20 years of operation, we worked with various medical providers, including those specializing in Mental Health.

As an experienced billing specialist, I am highly skilled at navigating the insurance approval process and working with patients and providers to help them understand the intricacies involved.  I look forward to working with you and ensuring that you can maximize your health benefits.

I attended Providence College in Rhode Island, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.  I live in New Albany with my husband and 2 children.  In my free time, you can find me watching one of my daughter’s field hockey, hockey or lacrosse games, enjoying exercise or spending time with my family.

Kortney Sweitzer (she/her)


I am so happy to be a part of the team at Eating and Behavioral Health Associates. I have always had a passion to learn and help others, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to do so.

As a mental health advocate, I strive to be a voice for those who do not feel heard. Social media has been a wonderful platform to connect with others, share my experiences, and create a relatable and inclusive space.

As a Social Media Coordinator at Eating and Behavioral Health Associates, I plan to continue to learn in order to provide education, resources, and connection to those seeking it through our platforms. I look forward to virtually supporting you wherever you may be in your journey. I hope our posts make you feel that you have a safe space with us.

I received my Bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!) and my Master’s degree from Ohio Dominican University. I was born and raised in Columbus and currently live in Canal Winchester with my fiancé (and dog, Leia). Outside of work, you can find me cheering on the Buckeyes and Browns, enjoying live music, kayaking or having backyard bonfires!