Remote therapy for individuals with eating disorders

Remote therapy for individuals with eating disorders

Whether you need better access to eating disorder treatment or online therapy is more convenient for your life, our experts are experienced in providing effective treatments online.

Online therapy, or teletherapy, consists of therapy sessions being conducted through a secure and confidential telehealth platform. Our teletherapy platform is conveniently accessed through the patient portal. We have found that many of our patients benefit equally through in-person or online therapy. Read below to see if online therapy is right for you.


Teletherapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy for many people. Sometimes, it can be challenging to find trained, skillful therapists who offer evidence-based treatments for eating disorders, PTSD or other mental health care concerns. You may live in a more rural area, or your state may not have many options for the specialized care you or your loved one needs. If this is the case, teletherapy may be right for you.


Many people may find that it is hard to find time to see a therapist in person with the many demands of work, family, and other life events. Teletherapy can be a safe, convenient alternative that can allow you to receive the help you need without the added stress and time of a commute to the office.

Is Teletherapy Right for You?

Teletherapy can be used in a variety of situations including:

  • Living in a rural area where it is difficult to find a therapist
  • Students who are away at college or on break
  • Finding time to leave work is a challenge
  • Individuals who need extra support for in vivo challenges
  • Out of town but you don’t want to miss treatment

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