We are committed to providing instruction and training to professionals and the community.

We are committed to providing instruction and training to professionals and the community.

We are passionate about providing quality education, training and promoting awareness of eating disorders in our community.  We are excited to provide these experiences, presentations and workshops to the groups below.

Up and Coming Therapists

We believe that our duty as mental health professionals is to train the next generation of therapists in evidence-based eating disorder treatment.  Our training curriculum includes didactics, observation, direct clinical care, and 1-on-1 and group supervision experiences.  All training experiences require in-person training and follow a Summer/Fall start and require a commitment of at least 1 year of training.  We have opportunities for students and trainees in the following stages of their professional training:

  • Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship (Clinical and Counseling PhDs)
  • Licensed Social Workers (LSW) and Professional Counselors (LPC) Supervision for Independent Licensure
  • Clinical Psychology Doctoral Graduate Training Practicum (post-Masters)

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For Medical Professionals

We aim to provide concrete ways to assess, diagnose, and refer your patients who struggle with eating and body image concerns, as well as how to effectively and respectfully communicate concerns about their mental health and health struggles.

For Mental Health Providers

We are available for consultation and further training on eating disorders. We offer on-site training opportunities and workshops regarding issues related to treating eating disorders in your practice.

Some examples of workshops we provide:

  • How NOT to Talk to Your Patients About Their Weight
  • Eating Disorder Assessment in Primary Care
  • What To Say and Do If You Suspect an Eating Disorder in a Patient
  • Considerations in Practice for Eating Disorder Patients
  • Medical Concerns in Eating Disorder Patients
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School Personnel

Our experts are available to provide education and interventions to reduce risk factors related to the development of eating disorders in children and teens.  We are available for workshops and trainings for teachers, guidance counselors, coaches and any personnel who are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for children. We will suggest age-appropriate resources and education for pre-schoolers, elementary, middle school and high school students.

Some of the workshops we can provide:

  • Risk Factors for Eating Disorders
  • How to Talk to Children about Weight and Food
  • Eating Disorder Treatments for Children and Adolescents
  • Increased Risks for Eating Disorders in Athletes
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Community Awareness

One of our missions is to connect and support our community to end the stigma surrounding eating disorders and mental health.  We are excited to offer educational nights, workshops, and resource information to individual struggling with mental health concerns and eating disorders, parents, partners, loved ones, and anyone who wants to understand and learn more about the prevention and impact of eating disorders, body image, dieting, and mental health.

Upcoming Topics:

  • How Dieting is Harmful
  • Increase Your Body Acceptance
  • How To Talk to Your Child About Food and Weight
  • Increasing Self-Compassion
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